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Streamline your technical communication and content generation with your own internal sales and support knowledge base.

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Centralize your information sources

Connect critical data sources like your public documentation, internal wikis, messaging tools like Discord or Slack, your CRM and more!

Eliminate the hassle of the search and focus on the delivery

Effortlessly create high-quality technical documentation with our AI-powered tool that streamlines the content creation process.

Dashboard analytics view of your documentation

Get a 360 view of your knowledge base

Stay ahead of the curve with our insights tool, which analyzes your team's queries and documentation gaps to inform your content strategy.

Unlock your Team’s potential

Achieve more with our powerful tool that supports a wide range of workflows to help your team work smarter, not harder.

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What content can I generate?

With your pipeline, you can generate a variety of content, including customer-specific statements of work, integration proposals, technical guides, and tutorials. The AI can also summarize longer documents and disparate data sources into a single tweet or one-pager. The platform learns from your previous documents and generated content to optimize pipelines for specific workflows. You can also upload your own templates. Keep in mind that the AI will only know the facts you teach it, but can help identify gaps in your knowledge base.

How can I get started?

If you are interested in participating in our early access program, join the waitlist or schedule a live demo with the team. After you create an account, add data sources for the AI pipeline to learn from. Once you add your first data source, such as your company URL, CRM, codebase, or previous customer integration proposals, you can start generating content. Adding multiple data sources will unlock the full potential of the platform and improve the quality of generated content.

What data sources are supported?

The platform supports a variety of data sources, including external URLs, specific documents/cloud storage solutions, raw facts, Discord channels, CRM data, and more. The Spanning team is continually adding new integration support, and you can also request specific data sources by emailing

How can I share the content I generate?

Content can be downloaded in various formats or copied and pasted directly from the platform. There are also integrations in the works to publish content directly to email, cloud storage, content management system, CRM, and more.

Where is my data stored?

User-uploaded sources and generated content are saved in industry-best, encrypted cloud storage. Data is separated by user/company, and requires user auth to access. Data-in-flight is also encrypted to make sure your data is never at risk.

Do you share my data or train a model used by others with it?

Spanning Labs ensures that your data is not shared with any third party, user, or organization. All AI models and pipelines created for your company remain solely for your use, and there is no risk of other users accessing your data.

What models do you use?

Spanning Labs uses a variety of models to ensure the best performance and are constantly doing research and updating their pipelines to ensure their customers are using the latest and greatest AI models. The vast majority of content generation is handled by GPT4, but we also use custom in-house models that are trained and fine-tuned for each organization for pre and post-processing.

How accurate is the content that you generate?

The Spanning platform uses state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that the content your AI generates is accurate and only pulls knowledge from data sources you provide. But we don't want you to just take our word for it! As you generate content the platform will let you know its confidence in the accuracy of the answers and provide the sources it got its answers from for you to verify on your own. AI generated content is always at risk for inaccuracies and should be reviewed by experts before sharing publicly or trusting fully.

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