Natively Multichain

Spanning Labs designs developer infrastructure that enables Web3 teams to seamlessly deploy, operate, and maintain multichain projects.

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Deploy once, on the right chain for your project

Whether your priorities are transaction speed or decentralization, choose the right chain for your project needs. Users will always have access to a single version of your asset - maintaining any functionality and utility.

Grow your potential market by meeting users where they are

No matter which originating network, users will have frictionless interactions with your project. No more bridging in sight.

Simple, adaptive APIs

From five lines of code or less to multichain support for your project.

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How it Works

The Spanning Network allows users to own their assets, no matter their originating network. The Spanning Delegates act as registered agents on the users' behalf - meaning there are no custody requirements. Contracts are always held in the user's name utilizing multichain addressing.

The team changing the definition of multichain

Drew Beller


Prateek Shah


Alicia Kranjc


Jade Sloan


Dylan Zhang

Business Development

Max Maistros


Naveen Arumugam


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